I think that I am in some ways the regular boy next door. I'll try anything once and I am like a fish, love water, that's why swimming is my favourite sport. Graduated in Graphic Design and Advertising. I love movies and used to collect dvds but it was a terrible way of collecting dust! I don't drink, smoke or take drugs...at first sight this may seem boring, but trust me I always find a way to have fun. The most important things in my life are my family, my friends and my dog (Anakin, a Yorkshire). I prefer the cold weather, i like to eat the ice after I finish my drink, my "drink" usually is an apple juice! I was a real nerd in school, always worried about my grades, something of that geek is still in me I think, mostly when the subject is Star Wars. Of course I love sex, I always see sex as a natural and fun thing, sometimes people say that I am addicted and sometimes I agree.